August 2012

I first went to see Susan 12 years ago when my marriage fell apart and she guided me back to happiness! During the last 12 years i have had many readings and also developed my own psychic ability with Susan which has opened my world to many interesting people and helped me become a stronger, wiser person! I am privileged to say that Susan has become a friend, she is an inspirational, kind, giving and funny person and i will continue to visit Susan for guidance when necessary.

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I was born with a love and passion for animals . To help and heal a sick or distressed animal is hugely satisfying. They give you such love and kindness in return.

I have some truly wonderful experiences too many to list them all here.

I would like to introduce Tia my shiatzu cross yorkshire terrier otherwise a "Shorkie" She is a very special little dog and the love of my life and my constant companion. She also shares the same birthday as me and is a very psychic "Shorkie"!

I found Tia in a puppy farm . I knew she was ill and I was being overcharged for her but I just had to buy her no matter what. She was severely dehydrated , she had been taken from her mother far too soon and had developed a serious gastric infection. She was given vetinary treatment but was very weak, but with healing love and devotion and Bach Flower remedies Tia made a full recovery.

When she was just four months old Tia became very interested in my clients when I was giving them healing treatments. She tried to copy me by jumping up beside the treatment couch and actualy putting her front paws onto the lady I was giving healing to and trying to channel energy just as I do. Tia is also very intuitive and she knows immediately if a client is upset or distressed she trys to give them comfort by a lick and a loving knowing look. She firmly believes she is my receptionist greeting everyone and showing them to my treatment room. She also takes part in my psychic development evenings and she insists on sitting on a chair herself in our circle listening to all that is going on Bless her!


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