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I am a qualified Bach Flower Registered Practitioner with many years experience.


Being yourself means being relaxed fulfilled and natural. When we feel ourselves we are at our best we can cope with everything life throws at us

But sometimes we are not always quite ourselves we feel out of sorts as though something is not quite right stressed anxious and suffering physical as well as emotional ailments
This is when we need a little help to get back on track.

In the 1920’s and 30’s a noted homeopath and bacteriologist called DR Edward Bach discovered a way of providing that help – a complete system of 38 flower remedies that can help us to rediscover the positive side of ourselves. Dr Bach’s remedies can help us live emotionally healthy lives. Whatever is in our way – fear, despondency, uncertainty, depression physical ill health - finds a solution in the Bach Flower Remedies.

You can use these unique remedies to overcome bad feelings , you can use them when you are ill , because most Dr’s agree that good emotional health supports and aids the recovery of physical health . You can use them to move on in your life and to find your hidden strengths and potential. Above all you can use them to be yourself………….


The Bach Flower Remedies start life at DR Edward Bach’s home, Mount Vernon which is now better know as The Bach Centre. Here under the careful supervision of Judy Ramsell Howard the Bach centres current custodian, a small team of dedicated people pick and prepare the flowers by hand. In many cases the remedy markers collect the flowers from locations first used by Dr Bach himself.

Visitors to the Bach Centre in spring and summer can see the remedies being prepared. Things happen slowly and on a small scale, with much attention to detail and much love. The glittering bowls are laid out on the grass to catch the sunlight, the pan cools at the back of the house.

Edward Bach trained his friends and colleagues and trusted them to carry his work forward into the future. Today the Bach Centre and Nelsons continue that work, guaranteeing that the preparation of the Flower Remedies adheres to Dr Bach’s original instructions while meeting the highest UK and international quality standards.

The Flower Remedies are natural safe and harmless, they do not contraindicate medication. They contain no additives or preservatives.

Consultations to determine the Flower Remedies that you need are :- In person, or by telephone.

This costs £20 and includes your treatment bottle. (P&P is extra)

Questions will need to be asked about your health and lifestyle, your emotions, moods, worries and anxieties.

I will then choose the remedies that you require to restore equilibrium and balance for your Mind, Body and Spirit. Enabling your physical and emotional ailments to heal, restoring you to good health, happiness, and positive thinking so you can lead a fulfilling and stress free life.


I am also available for talks and demonstrations, sharing my many years of experience of working with Dr Bach’s unique and safe healing system.

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